For a Criminal Charge: South Carolina does not have a statute of limitations for sexual assault for a criminal charge. This means that a sexual assault can still be reported years after it is committed. However, as with most crimes, the closer in time to the offense that the offense is reported, the more likely the chance of a successful investigation and prosecution of the offense in general. Law enforcement is better able to collect available evidence shortly after the offense. For a Civil Lawsuit: An action to recover damages for injury to a person arising out of an act of sexual abuse or incest must be commenced within six years after the person becomes twenty-one years of age or within three years from the time of discovery by the person of the injury and the causal relationship between the injury and the sexual abuse or incest, whichever occurs later. SC Code Section 15-3-555 (A). For Title IX: Until the offender graduates/is no longer a student at the institution for a Title IX Complaint