You must file a divorce packet including the following papers, which can be found at Family Court Cover Sheet Summons Complaint

Financial Declaration (even if you’re not asking for money, and even if you don’t have much money)

You will need: 3 copies of the divorce packet and a money order in the amount of $150. Take these items to the FAMILY COURT CLERK OF COURT for your county. They will keep one copy (the original) for the judge. They will give you 2 copies back — one is for you, and the other is to give to your spouse.

Your spouse must be notified that you have filed for divorce. The divorce papers must be hand-delivered to them by someone else. You will need a process server to do this. You can find a process server through a basic internet search. They usually charge between $30-$60. They will give you back a signed paper saying that they served your partner. DO NOT LOSE THIS PAPER. Take the paper to the Clerk and have them file it with your other documents. It will cost no money to file this with the Clerk. You cannot move forward with your case if your partner has not been served with the divorce packet. If you are having issues serving your partner, consult an attorney.

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